Care Info

Our canvas is hand-waxed in Houston with local filtered beeswax, and then sun baked to allow the wax to penetrate the fabric. Waxed canvas is water resistant yet still breathable, and over time develops a rich character similar to leather.
To clean:
Most stains can be removed with cold water using a rag, sponge, brush or your hands. For stubborn stains, a mild soap (such as castille soap, dish soap, or canvas cleaner) can be used - but do not use harsh detergents, as this may degrade the waxed coating.
To re-wax:
The waxed coating may wear thin over time, and can be re-waxed if desired. We recommend Otter Wax or Martinex Wax.
Waxed canvas was originally used by sailors in the 19th century because of its water resistance and durability, and still loved today for those reasons. We love it because it truly does get better with use, and we want our bags to withstand whatever adventures life may bring you.